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25 May 2009 @ 05:34 pm
la_coveted is closed

I am so sooorry to say that la_coveted is closed.
I open a new graphics comm named polaroidism , if you're still interest in my resources, please watch it for future update~
Thank you soo much for your long time support, hope to see you there~

19 July 2008 @ 11:08 am

TIME IS UP, sorry guys, CLOSED


Hello guys, what a busy week!!
I went to join some tests this week, and I will start to busy to prepare for another big tests next weekend, so...let's do this quick, ok?

La Coveted Applying Post #1Collapse )


Hello, my members and watchers~
I decided I' m going to delete the files of paper scan stocks in  
this entry.
here is my DA account.
If you haven't downloaded them yet, please go download it and comment here.
Then...tomorrow(Apr 6th, 2008)...I will delete this two files from my DA gallery.
That means...I will keep the DA account, but there will be no files any more...so...
Please hurry<3

I decided to set this entry as "Public". So the watchers can see it, too~
I think this is a little thing I could leave for you~
Or next time...even if you join the comm, the files is no logner exist.
So..remember to credit me if use, and comment here if taking.
And the most important thing is DO NOT REPOST IT or SHARE IT TO OTHERS, please.